Escape to Dominica
Live the Caribbean Life        
Caribbean Sunset
If you are looking to get away from a prepackaged life, you will enjoy reading this eBook about life on Dominica.

Learn about the challenges as well as the joys, with information not readily available to tourists.

Get a preview of life on the Nature Island.

Expat Wannabe

Details of cost of living, finding a house and where to live on the island are all discussed in depth.

Discover the steps of how to manage (and not mismanage!) a move to the island.

Enjoy insightful anecdotes which give a real taste of life "down island".

"Well. I have now read the entire book and enjoyed it immensely. It answered very handsomely all the questions i might have had, plus a lot that i would not have thot of asking. The organization makes it easy to check stuff. Sets a high standard, my compliments to y'all." -L.A.
Retire to Dominica,
an eBook by Jennifer Miller
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