The Real Caribbean
Scuba Divers Exploring Reef
Dominica is not for everyone, but it just may be the escape spot for you. Its modest cost of living could allow you to retire early and live the life you've always desired.
Tropical Fish
Imagine being free to scuba and snorkel the pristine reefs, hike to waterfalls for a swim, or plant an exotic rainforest garden. Perhaps you decide one day to fish, the next to paint or write. Tropical living definitely makes the creative juices flow! Or maybe today just lay in a hammock and read a book.
Woman Enjoying the Caribbean
Tonight you could socialize with the international community of expats and native Dominicans. You won't just live in an enclave of North Americans in the Commonwealth of Dominica. People come from all over the world and the expat community is richly multicultural.
Retire to Dominica,
an eBook by Jennifer Miller
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