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Live a Longer,
Healthier Life
"It's no secret.  You take fresh foods, clean water, pure air and lots of exercise, a loving family, and strong belief in God.  For Dominica's centenarians, it all adds up to a longer and healthier life."
--Pan American Health Organization

Fresh air, fresh water,
and an abundance of fish, fruits and vegetables may be why Dominica is known for longevity. Living past 100 is not unusual here. Of course, newcomers may not achieve 100 years, but some think island life might add as much as 10 years!  Dominica may undo some of the damage done by years of breathing polluted air and eating processed foods.

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Dominica ranks Number 4
Happy Planet Index
"Jennifer Miller has put together an excellent step by step guide for anyone wishing to move to Dominica. Everything she writes (in a very entertaining tenor I might ad) is true. Also in her book she describes the pull the island has for the stressed out , keep up with the Jones's, do more, more, more about to retire age group. Dominica will truly seduce you into a closer look and one will not want to go back- ever" -E.H.
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