This eBook Contains the Following Topics: Part   1.  Why We Chose Dominica and Why You Might Also
Part   2.  Location, Location, Location (and How to Choose Your Spot)
Part   3.  Rental Property
Part   4.  Papers, Visas, Residency, Citizenship and Second Passport
Part   5.  Cost of Living
Part   6.  Packing Up and Moving (Don't Assume Anything)
Part   7.  Some Nuts and Bolts (and the Rule of Three)
Part   8.  The Inevitable Down Side
Part   9.  Safety Concerns
Part 10.  Quality of Life and a Vision for You
Part 11.  Where to Stay (While Exploring the Island)
Part 12.  Useful Information
Footprints in the Sand


Dominica has one of the lowest crime rates in the Caribbean.

Retire to Dominica,
an eBook by Jennifer Miller
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